Skyline promotions is an Oxfordshire based company that has many yeas experience providing tailor made displays for major national and international events. From the Middle East through Africa, Europe and even the park next door, we can bring that international experience coupled with stunning designs and a wealth of experience to your event. Every display is carefully designed to your individual requirements.

We provide displays for all occasions such as weddings, memorable occasions, corporate events, Parties, Product launches and much much more 



We fire displays across the whole spectrum- from classical and folk to modern and futuristic. We have perfected the skill of complimenting the music rather than intruding on it. Skyline Promotions uses the latest electronic firing technology. The highly sophisticated sky smart modules are used to create the accurate split-second timing required in choreographed displays.


What else can we do for you? 

Skyline can also supply sound systems, lasers, lighting and aquatics/dancing jets of water.

Water can enhance any firework display whatever the budget. We have experience firing from pontoons and rafts, lakes or riverbanks, quaysides and harbour walls, piers and jetties and breakwaters. We use our experience to provide you with the best display possible 

SKYLINE Supports

Glass Line Media


 Nathan Little who is a very skilled Videographer working for Glass Line Media, capturing some of the most memorable moments that can be continuously enjoyed even after the event. Nathan has a great deal of knowledge and creativity that will take him far! He has recorded a video for us that we are exceedingly happy with. Take a look at their website

Poppy Macfarlane


Poppy is a very talented Photographer, some of her spectacular pictures are displayed on this website, we could not be more impressed by Poppy's ability and expertise that really show in her creative pictures. Poppy is currently saving up for a school trip, and Skyline is proud to be able to support her achieve this with a donation. Poppy can be contacted at